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Creating a kitchen space that feels warm and comforting is the ultimate goal. The kitchen is the heartbeat of a home and where we always tend to gather. Creating that cozy feel can be accomplished in many ways.

Lighting is key to create the overall feel of the room. Windows are the best
way to let natural light flood the room. The addition of a beautiful chandelier or a couple drum pendants over the island or table fill the room to create a beautiful custom look. Make note to use soft over cool lightbulbs and stay away from the standard small glass pendants.

Fabric can also make a big impact on the warmth of a room. Using upholstered chairs and stools as opposed to wood and leather, will soften the overall look against all the hard surfaces that are naturally used in a kitchen. If space allows, a dedicated sitting area with a love seat or chairs brings with it a lot of charm and invites your guests to feel welcome and comfortable. Choosing the right countertop is also important to create that warm cozy feel. A granite pattern with movement in it creates more warmth than a speckled redundant pattern.

Love is in the details. Truly make your kitchen space your own by adding some unique accents. A bowl full of fruit or a vase filled with freshly cut flowers is a sure bet to add liveliness to the space. Scour flea markets and antique shops for unique items like a reclaimed dough bowl. Adding elements of sand, pages from an antique book and candles to the bowl brings visual interest to a countertop or table. Further, you can isolate a specific area of the kitchen and use more decorative hardware in that area.

Using all these components of lighting, upholstery, and accents in harmony create that loving and inviting kitchen you have been dreaming of.


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