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Great holiday design can be had at any stage of life. Whether you have an abundance of boxes overflowing with ornaments or you are in the beginning stages of building your collection in your first home. Any life stage can be led to achieve great holiday design with a little know-how and some inspiration. We just completed a Christmas tree makeover for a young family that desired a second Christmas tree in the foyer. The goal was to make this home have an impressive Christmas presence once you entered the front door.

Also, it was a fun addition to their traditional family room tree adorned with nostalgic ornaments from decades past and those sweet homemade ornaments the kids bring home from school. Read along to see how we took a pre-lit artificial tree and made it look spectacular with the following tricks and tips. Good Lighting-Although the tree was already pre-lit, we added extra strings of lights to really make it shiny and bright and fill in any dark spots. Since this tree was placed in the center of the foyer it had to be visually appealing on all sides which calls for a lot of ornaments and lights. The extra white lights and a couple strands of multi colored lights with larger more playful looking bulbs were used to fill the all around space, and gave the tree more color and light. Clusters of ornaments- We used clusters of ball ornaments to create a bold impact to decorate the tree.

First, we took several groups of green glass ornaments and wired three together with green pipe cleaners and secured them to the branches. Using the green colored bulbs created fullness in areas where the tree was uneven and gave the illusion of a fuller tree. We continued to cluster different colors, textures and finishes of ornaments together and placed them on the tree in a zig zag pattern working from the top down. All sizes of ornaments were used. We also picked up wooden Santa Claus and snowmen “tree fillers” that could be placed in the branches and used to fill the space of the tree as the name implies. To add a pop of color and texture we stuck branches of red berries all around the tree from the top to the bottom spreading them out evenly.

Beautiful Presents- Don’t forget about all the wonderful presents under the tree. Beautifully wrapped presents not only create a beautiful look under your tree, but also make your gift recipients feel very special. We used a unique spool of ribbon made of burlap and rhinestones and tied it around these gift boxes. We then added other special touches including evergreen branches and red berries to unify the tree and presents. Another way to embellish the gifts is to take last years leftover greeting cards and cut out the holiday design and glue over the wrapping paper. These additonal elements add depth and uniqueness to the presents. So don’t feel overwhelmed this holiday season. Using these simple tips will help you create a masterpiece all of your friends will be asking you about.

From new to old, big to small, every tree deserves to have that special touch. Be merry and most of all, have fun!!

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