Creating a Collage Wall

going a step further than the typical Photo Gallery Wall.

The odds are pretty good that you have a blank wall somewhere in your home that is just begging to be decorated.  A collage wall can create a fun visual experience that can really stamp your individual personality to your home.  Sure, we can all throw some family pictures on our wall Pottery Barn style, but what we are talking about goes a little deeper into expanding your creativity into different spaces. We also are not just using family photos, but throwing in some different objects to really make the collage wall unique to you and your family.

Options!  there are so many, but where does one start?  A collage wall can be created just about anywhere; over the sofa, in a bathroom, going up a stairwell, even a wall that leads to behind a door.  Here are some of our favorite looks for adding creativity and personality in what would ordinarily be a blank space.

Blogpic1The bathroom is a great and unexpected place to really pack a punch of personality into your home.  In the above picture, we took a classic bathroom and filled it with a collage of witty and sarcastic phrases.  The black and white themed “word wall” fills out the end wall of the bathroom that could have been easily ignored.

We made a bold impact in this compact bathroom with a large vintage Glamour Magazine cover between the sink and toilet.  Adding a fun fleur de lis mirror, another piece of geometricartwork over the toilet, and a book over the towel rack rounds out this bathroom collage wall:


Filling a large wall with mirrors is another way to add bold, fresh design.  This wall of mirrors works so beautifully with the deep dramatic wall color against the glossy white frame of the quatrefoil mirrors.  The feminine shape of the mirrors and the placement on the wall becomes a work of art all on its own:


This over the sofa display is the perfect usage of symmetry and balance with the six port hole mirrors.  This works because it fills the space over the sofa perfectly.  This is a simple and easy way to create a clean and organized look:


We love the crisp black and white balance this collage wall has to offer.  They stepped out of the box by using other objects besides frames to create this look.  An oversized letter “O” and a shelving bracket turned to its side add more dimension to this collage. The masculine and feminine mix of items balance each other out beautifully.  The scale adds an element of surprise and the red detailing really pops against the black and white design:


These next two photos are a simple way to add that pop of visual interest to a blank wall over the sofa.  Partnering well with the neutral and natural decor of the room, we used six different frames with black and white art and positioned them in an irregular but balanced pattern:


In this living room we used one large mirror over the sofa and placed another grouping of pictures hung vertically to the side.  The offset matting of these framed pictures brings its own creativity to the simplicity of it all.  The wire canister structure on the side table rounds out the grouping well:


These next two photos show that thinking outside the box can create a fun usage of unexpected items to add to your collage wall.  Mix up the wall by adding some natural components.  We used a beautiful Birch Tree branch, added a wooden block, and even affixed a book right into the mix.  We also took a square wooden candle holder and turned it to create a diamond shape.  The usage of different items gives your wall its own look and shows your creativity and personality:


We also love this totally unique wall of rotary phones. This dark wall is the perfect backdrop to show these vintage phones in a fun way.  The different colors and the offset height of how they are hung make it really fun and interesting:






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