Innovative Designs for Transforming A Small Space

Everyday we hear that more and more people are interested in having an urban look and in turn, becoming more efficient with how they utilize their living space. Thinking more economically, people have thought of innovative ideas for making a small space feel bigger. From designing small studio apartments, to a fully utilized Micro-home, there are several ways to make your space, no matter how small it may be, feel like home. There are several elements that are crucial to consider when designing a small space; the scale of your furniture, the arrangement of your pieces, and the colors of your various pieces and assets.

Fit To Scale

In a compact area it is obviously imperative to use smaller pieces of furniture to keep your space functional and clutter free.  By using rectangular or circular tables, your space will flow easier and feel more welcoming. A great asset I utilize when confronted with a small space is mirrors; especially by incorporating floor to ceiling mirrors or creating a wall of different sized mirrors. You can see an example of this design on a property I worked on, pictured below.

contemporary mirrors

Using elongated pieces such as a tall floor lamp or mural are fantastic ways of opening your room up by making it feel much larger.


You want to be able to breathe and walk about freely in your home. In addition, you want to create a space that your guests will feel comfortable in  so they do not feel like they are walking through a maze of furniture. You want your home to be open and inviting; a task that is easily done by  keeping furniture away from the entryway. Remove any obstacles that would prevent an easy flow of traffic into your home. In a smaller space this is sometimes hard to do, but it is also important that you keep the rooms balanced with the amount of furniture displayed.


Next, it is wise to take a look at the flooring. Generally speaking, it is best to use the same color and material throughout your entire home. Doing so will help to keep your space unified and balanced. Also, when arranging furniture in a tiny space, people tend to push everything to the walls to try and create a clear space in the center of the room. However, doing this actually acts against them, creating impractical empty space and making the room feel confined by surrounding it with furniture.

modern home flooring design


Here is another idea for you, BUILD UP! Many new designers are going vertical with their designs that feature building furniture up on the walls instead of outward to leave you with more free space to utilize for other things in your home.


The color scheme that you use in a room can make all the difference when trying to make a small space appear larger to the eye. Utilizing neutral colors is a way you can make the room feel spacious and inviting. Many designers believe that using bright colors in a compact space will make the space feel cramped and cluttered. A simple “pop” of color here and there, be with a pillow or artwork, can transform a boring white and beige room into a fun and warm space your guests will want to be in.

modern white decor


The topic of multi-purpose design has sparked designers to transform ordinary furniture pieces to make them into something more. Combining the functionality of one piece to another, you create something that is serves a dual-purpose, and will give more possibilities for the space around you.

One company that has opened my eyes with their innovative designs is Resource Furniture. This company came up with a number of ideas for transforming the traditional Murphy bed into a piece that is very conscience of every square foot in your home. During the day, it acts as a spacious desk, inviting table, comfy sofa or even a shelving unit. At night however, this piece converts into a comfortable bed. What a genius way of saving space and money!


Another new way of thinking is that of the ever increasingly popular, modular design. This type of design is characterized by using standardized units that can be broken apart and built back up again, in order to be able to reuse space and transform space into a different look easily and at any time. Also, these units act as storage space to cut down on clutter, which is the #1 thing you do not want to have in a small space. Having a dinner party but you don’t have enough space to fit a full-size dining table? Ecosystems’ “Bada Table” is a perfect solution to all of your worries. This table transforms to fit all of your needs, from a dining table to a comfortable sofa.

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