Kitchen Design Trends 2015

modern kitchen

The kitchen is no longer just a hub for preparing your daily meals. Rather, the kitchen has almost transformed into a multi-dimensional space for cooking, conversing, and even socializing. In fact, in 2015 the kitchen seems to be taking on a rather unique set of trends. Let’s take a look at 3 of the kitchen’s hottest trends of the year!

1: Industrial Lighting

kitchen design trends 2015 Don’t keep your party in the dark! Your kitchen will need to be properly lit in order to host the perfect get-together. As a natural place of conversation and mingling, the kitchen is a great space to enhance with industrial level lighting. So what are some good options for your modern kitchen lighting? Why not consider some of the following concepts?

  • stainless steel
  • wire caging instead of sconces
  • clear glass and or old-fashioned style bulbs
  • copper or brass fixtures

2: High Efficiency Pull out Drawers

kitchen design trends 2015 High efficiency kitchens are all the rage – but we are not talking about power saving appliances! Rather, we are talking about the need for easy and convenient access to all your kitchen supplies. There is no better way to accomplish this than with a pull-out pantry. Pull-out pantry shelves will allow you to not only search for the proper ingredient, but it will also make the once arduous task basically painless.  Pull-out shelves should be the next thing that you upgrade in your kitchen as it will enable you to quickly see everything at once. Why not make 2015 the year that you remove this extra stress in your kitchen and install a set of pull-out shelves to your pantry?

3: Smart Kitchens

kitchen design trends 2015 smart kitchens It seems that everything is evolving to be driven by computer chips and connected to the cloud. Smartphones have in many ways revolutionized almost every facet of our lives; and is now reaching into our kitchens with a variety of applications and Bluetooth powered devices. For instance, consider the Anova Precision Cooker – this device will connect to your smartphone and allow you to search for the hottest recipes, and best of all, it is fully integrated to suggest proper food preparations and tips. You may also want to consider the addition of a charging station within the design of your new modern kitchen. In an effort to keep your counters free of clutter, it may be wise to get clever with outlets hidden within your drawers. In 2015, it is best to embrace technology and the many benefits that it can provide.

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