Nick Alain: Creating Masterpieces of Design at High Point Furniture Market

A few weeks ago, we traveled down to North Carolina to attend the annual High Point Furniture Market. Every year, we look forward to seeing what new colors and concepts the companies have in store for this coming year. Even more exciting is finding a new designer that leaves you in complete shock and amazement; you cannot wait to tell everyone about and this year that exuberant moment became reality. We had the unexpected pleasure of stumbling upon by far the most unique and sophisticated showroom we have ever seen in all of the years of attending market.

Climbing up alluring stained wood stairs, leading into a dimly lit hallway, we came upon a showroom unlike any of the others. Over the soft mellow music playing in the background, it felt as if you could hear the sound of exquisite diamonds shimmering in the wind. The presentation and ambiance of the showcase was so outstandingly brilliant it begged for you to stay.

Nick Alain, owner of Luna Bella and Nick Alain Inc., is without a doubt, one of the most talented designers because of his eclectic style and eye for detail. From extensive traveling and experiences around the world, Nick finds his inspiration for his works of art. Taking industrial and mechanical pieces, Nick reinvents them using a delicate and feminine approach. It is easily seen throughout all of his work his keen eye for weaving together distinct colors, proportions and mediums. Nick Alain has successfully established himself as a leader in the world of design with his articulate line of custom furniture, clocks, and lighting.

This type of design is so inventive and unlike any other that words simply cannot describe; only pictures can illustrate the truly magical vision behind Nick Alain’s remarkable creations.

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