The Ultimate Patio Design


Not all of us are lucky enough to have a sunset view as spectacular as this one in our own backyard, but I can certainly help you create the same serenity and comfort in your own backyard. I love using flowers, finding the perfect planters to put them in,  and finding the right patio furniture to fit your style and needs. I can help you create a lovely backyard patio that customizes your outdoor space.

I love this teak and mercury glass table for outdoor use. It is totally weather durable and unexpectedly beautiful for an outdoor furniture piece. I apply a thin coat of polyurethane on my own teak outdoor furniture every year, and they are still as beautiful as when I first received them.

web-lane sofa
This outdoor area is stunning on its own with the beautiful stonework as a backdrop to the dining space. All that was needed was a table and some simple chairs to make this space elegant and inviting. A simple basket of grasses was added as a centerpiece. This dining ensemble looks interior, but it’s not! Don’t be afraid of light colors in outdoor fabrics as they come clean easily.

Looking for a Parisian cafe look? This look can easily be duplicated with a few supplies you can find at your local craft store. Using solar powered lights, I strung them on my table umbrella using clips to secure on the edges and hid the solar panel on top of the umbrella so it was out of sight. For the tabletop I added Mason jars with battery operated lights on timers. We filled each Mason jar with sand to hide the wires and now each evening without effort we have a beautifully lit back patio. Again, I am not afraid to use white outdoor fabric on the chairs. When it rains the fabric dries quickly and they still look great.

I spend hours gardening in the summer. I love to experiment growing different flowers in my yard and pairing them with beautiful pots and planters to fit any style I desire. There are ways to make your backyard flowers have a masculine feel, feminine feel or a mix. All are beautiful, it comes down to personal taste.

web-flower door
This gorgeous assortment of flowers is versatile and can be placed in so many different places and has mass appeal. This could go on a table, at a front door, or just about anywhere. The Sweet Potato Vines, Mandevilla, and Trailing Petunias all lend to its feminine and whimsical look.

web-boxwoods modern

We can get two completely different looks with the same Boxwood just by changing the planter. This first planter has a very masculine feel with the iron material and straight sharp lines.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 1.53.50 PM
This second grouping of boxwoods is similar, yet instead we have a more feminine, rustic and urban feel just by changing the planter.

These planters flanked outside an entry door have a bit of both masculine and feminine features. Although the planters are dark and the same shape as the masculine boxwoods above, the wainscoting and trim on the edges soften its appeal. The arrangement focuses mostly on a mixture of soft greens with a subtle pop of peach to bring out its femininity.

Beautiful flower pot framing house entrance
Lastly, I love to see hummingbirds sipping the nectar from my flowers. To create your own backyard feast for these tiny and beautiful birds, look for flowers that have rich, bright colors and long and tapered shapes that can accommodate their long bills. Geraniums, Petunias, Sage, Bird of Paradise and Zinnia are all good bets. Happy Summer!

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