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A boutique design firm with a world-class presence, AMID executes and delivers scalable interior design services for any project.  Specializing in commercial and residential interior design – our spaces are attentively curated to activate the places you live, eat, work, sleep and play. 




Angela launched AMID in 2000 after over ten years of experience working for other design firms. Having crafted a keen eye for detail, she is recognized for her highly curated and charming interiors, elegant furnishings and adherence to architectural detail. Angela's now three decades of experience has given her a unique hands-on approach where she takes pride in tailoring each space for every client locally and nationally according to their needs and desires. Aiming to create the illusion - and reality - of permanence, she has refined her use of materials, a sophisticated palette and strong use of silhouettes to seamlessly integrate architecture with design.  

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There can be beauty in the mundane, excitement in the weary, and tranquility in the chaos – it’s all about balance and harmonization.  We thrive in the face of challenge and love finding exactly what a space needs to complement its polarity.  Every space we spend the days of our lives in has a story to tell – let us help you bring them to life. 


AMID provides full-scale services for new construction, renovations, temporary staging, interior layout and design, project management, and consultation.  Our global connections and network of premium suppliers allow us to provide our clients with unparalleled quality and services.  Whether you’re looking to simply breathe fresh life into a tired space or getting ready to design your dream home – let us help you achieve equilibrium between elegance, functionality and timeless design. 

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